Meet Cheryl
What started as a hobby 22 years ago has blossomed into a quest and a passion for Cheryl.
"I come from a long line of gardeners and florists. I can not remember a week without fresh flowers on the table when I came home from school." This passion has exploded into floral creations that emphasize fresh design and quality. "The quest for perfection starts in the mechanics. As in life, if the foundation is not solid, the structure will not be strong enough to last. We have built our loyal customer base on honesty, quality, and trust. Cheryl's has never advertised, everything is word of mouth, yet each year her customer base grows and her repeat business is amazingly steady. Weddings, proms, corporate events, rehearsal dinners, funerals, and individual deliveries are treated with utmost care and provided with the absolute highest quality products available. My goal is to make it easy to be a Cheryl's Flower Customer. I have journeyed with some of my customers from the first date to the wedding, Mother's Day flowers to Sympathy Arrangements, and Wedding Day to New Baby. Cheryl believes each person has a story, each story is important.
About Cheryl's Flowers and Gifts
Cheryl's Flowers is home for many corporate and individual clients in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and the surrounding communities. Not only providing designs for parties, grand openings, banquets, and meetings - Cheryl's is frequently called upon to provide a special Thank you bouquet for a job well done or a new customer welcome. Prom corsages and boutonnières, rehearsal dinners and weddings, funerals, plants, hospitals, welcome home baby, congratulation flowers, anniversaries, gift baskets, special occasion deliveries, and holidays are only a few of the occasions that call for beautiful flowers. If it is worth celebrating or acknowledging, it is worth calling Cheryl.
Our Philosophy
With thoughtful care, each of our hand crafted designs is created to express your most sincere emotions. At Cheryl's, we don't "design by numbers," but rather:
  • Create unique designs
  • Gather beautiful flowers and combine with unique textural greenery
  • All designs are individual. No stocking pre-made arrangements that we can push out the door
  • Understand the terms of form, texture, line, tone, balance, shape, color, void, contrast and hue
Quality, attention to detail and listening to the customer's desires and needs allows Cheryl's to provide the personal touches that truly convey the customer's ideas and thoughts. Cheryl's is considered a "personal florist" to not only the Franklin, Nolensville, and Brentwood community – but to customers literally around the world.

At Cheryl's Flowers, we value the subtle beauty of a single bud as well as the power and majesty of an armful of fully opened blooms. It is an honor to utilize our artistic ability to accurately express someone else's feelings with beautiful fresh flowers and plants.

An Eco-Friendly Florist
Committed to doing our part in the fight to protect our planet. Cheryl's program of environmentally conscious operations promotes and uses:
  • Compact Fluorescent light bulbs and energy-star rated coolers
  • Using all 'green' waste (stems, leaves, etc) in compost;
  • Collecting and repurposing any water used in the store for watering plants, both inside & out
  • Recycling all plastics, metal, glass & paper
  • Vase return policy - if accepted vases can not be used by us, we will place them in a recycling program.
  • Community Connection – clients have the opportunity to donate their flowers after events.

Finally, a direct benefit to our customers, both old and new — Cheryl's will not knowingly purchase flowers, plants or other products that contain pesticides or harmful chemicals. It is true that we don't have control over what a grower, packer or shipper does in other countries, but our suppliers and brokers have promised to honor our request for:

  • Eco-safe flowers
  • Fair trade flowers
  • Purchasing locally-grown flowers when ever possible

Cheryl's strives to only purchase product from companies or suppliers that adhere to proper workers' rights policies, implemented within our industry by the US Agriculture & other governmental agencies.